Pharmacist Services

What is a Licensed Pharmacist?

Pharmacists are health professionals that work with your healthcare team. Given the increasing numbers of medications and the growing cost of medications, Pharmacists are key to ensuring safe, cost-effective drug therapy. Pharmacists review your medications, help your Nurse Practitioner select affordable medications and recommend changes to your medications based on their safety for you.

Some Pharmacists have additional training and can work with your Nurse Practitioner to help manage your diabetes or manage medications for seniors.

All licensed Pharmacists must by registered members of the Ontario College of Pharmacists to practice in Ontario. Licensed Pharmacists are specially trained in medication management.

How do I access the Pharmacist?

Simply ask our staff or speak with your Nurse Practitioner for an appointment to see our Pharmacist.

Services Provided

The Pharmacist provides the following services related to medication management such as:
• One-to-one medication review
• Develop and lead client education group sessions on various diseases
• Inform patients and staff about Health Canada’s medication safety warnings
• Provide smoking cessation support through our clinic’s Smoking Cessation Program
• Conduct follow-up phone interviews
• Home visits for medication reviews
• Answer drug-related questions
• Training and education for patients living with diabetes
• Offer individual medication management and counselling on various health topics including:
-Smoking cessation
-Heart health
-Bone strength