Consulting Physicians

What is a Consulting Physician?

A consulting physician is a family physician that provides your primary care provider, the Nurse Practitioner with an assessment and opinion regarding the assessment, treatment or management of your care. They work with Nurse Practitioners when care is beyond the scope of practice for the Nurse Practitioner to manage.  This is not dissimilar to when a physician chooses to refer you to a specialist.  They provide support to other members of the team from time to time.  Services are provided in the clinic by each consulting physician for a couple of hours per week on average.  Our consulting physicians have their own practices. The Nurse Practitioner remains your primary care provider and utilizes the physician’s knowledge and skill to assist with the management of your care.

How to access the Consulting Physician

Your Nurse Practitioner will refer you to one of our Consulting Physicians if they deem it to be required.

What services does the Consulting Physician provide?

  • Provides an opinion about the management of your health problem, including ordering further tests or advising the Nurse Practitioner to refer to a specialist if necessary.
  • Orders tests that cannot otherwise be ordered by the Nurse Practitioner.
  • Completion of government and other forms
  • Assessment and management of controlled medications.
  • May provide advice by phone to your Nurse Practitioner.