Our Team

Our inter-professional team providing care to our patients includes 4 Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners, 2 Registered Nurses, 1 Registered Practical Nurse, 1 Social Worker, 1 Pharmacist, and 2 Consulting Physicians. We have an Administrative Support Team that includes our Administrative Lead, and 3 Administrative Assistants.

To help with continuity of care, our team works together to meet your health care needs and goals! Our patients generally see the same Nurse Practitioner when seen at the clinic, but depending on your individual needs, all of our patients have access to care from any member of the team. Referrals to medical specialists are sought as needed.

Meet our Team!

Clinical Team

Malcolm Morum

Executive Director & Nurse Practitioner

Emily Aitken

Nurse Practitioner

Jenna Leichner

Nurse Practitioner

Marlies van Tol

Nurse Practitioner

Laura Back

Registered Practical Nurse

Kerry Nikkanen

Registered Nurse

Pam Blackman

Registered Nurse

Noella Robert-Kappel


Fawn Macinnis

Social Worker

Administrative Team

Kate Dupuis

Administrative Lead

Sara Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Sue Evans

Administrative Assistant

Wendy Tramer

Administrative Assistant