Mood Matters

A support program for people living with depression and/or anxiety.

What is Mood Matters?

Mood Matters is a support group for those living with depression and/or anxiety and is held weekly to help individuals implement wellness strategies, share information, reduce isolation and relapse.

The group is facilitated by a registered Social Worker and there is no cost to attend.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone who thinks that their life is impacted by depression or anxiety is welcome to attend.

You do not need to have a diagnosis and you do not need to be a client of the Huronia Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic to attend. Simply give us a call at 705-835-7545 or drop by to register for the next available date! 

Topics Discussed

Each week the group focuses on mental wellness including:

*Healthy boundaries

*Thought records
*CBT (cognitive behavior therapy)

Group participants are also welcome to bring topics for discussion or questions to the group.